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Poketti with sisters  Sydney & Toni

We launched Poketti in 2013 after being inspired by our 7th-grade entrepreneurial class at The Girls’ Middle School. Poketti Plushies with a Pocket are cute and functional with a useful back pocket to hold your phone, notebook, glasses, tooth fairy treats, or other small treasures. We raised funds on Kickstarter for manufacturing and have worked really hard to build our business ever since. 

Zollipops with Alina Morse

When Alina Morse was seven years old, she went to the bank with her dad and the teller offered her a lollipop. While she really wanted to accept, her parents always told her that candy was terrible for her teeth. So she asked her dad, “Why can’t we make a lollipop that’s actually good for your teeth?” And in that moment the idea for Zollipops® was born! Together, Alina and her dad set off to make delicious lollipop treats that were actually good for teeth. In 2014, the first Zollipops treat hit the shelves: a vegan, organic, smart and yummy candy. Alina became known as the “Lollipop Girl,” a true Kidpreneur!

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