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We go to the heart of women with stories that are shared by women that has overcome sensitive and physical challenges. These experts provide much tools and resources to impact you in these areas. 

David and Jonathan are paramedics that deal with life and death and the consequences of human choice. On Rescue 12, they respond to the tragic drug overdose of a group of teenagers at a high school party. One girl survives to tell what she witnessed in her near-death experience.

Rescue 12 Responding Book

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This encounter results in the spiritual awakening of David and forces Jonathan to confront his own Christian faith which he abandoned when he came out as gay to his father. What happens when the ambulance arrives? What happens when a patient dies? Why do so many things seem outside our human control? Why does God allow for sin, death, and suffering? What’s the point of trying?

 These questions are answered, the emergency rescue calls are shared, and the lives of the two paramedics are forever changed by the spiritual warfare that they encounter.

I wrote this book 25 years ago while I was working as a paramedic, assigned on Rescue 12 in Gibsonton Florida - which is where this story takes place. These rescue stories are real, but changed enough to be fictional. 

Author Faye Hamilton

Happy Again- Author Eveline Jurry

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Happy Again- The Art of A Positive Separation 

When you separate from your partner—whether you initiated that separation

or not—you have a big job ahead of you. You need to keep your life going

every day, and move it in a new and positive direction. You need to

untangle your finances, your possessions, your friends and your social

life. You need to unravel your emotional ties, your family ties, your

entangled hopes and dreams. 

Positive Separation Method with Eveline Jurry and Marci Shimoff